July 8th, 2013
02:14 PM ET

Girl raised in Mumbai brothel to study in U.S.

Recently on News Stream, I had the opportunity to talk to Shweta Katti, an incredible young woman who - after being born and raised in a Mumbai brothel - is on her way to attend university in the United States.

Katti is whip-smart and generous. And I deeply respect the shout-out she gives to the women who raised and inspired her:

"My mom is my inspiration, and she's the one who encouraged me and who said, 'You're going to do better, you are amazing,'" Katti says.

"And of course the sex workers whom I was surrounded by, because my mom used to go to factory at like 9 in the morning and she used to come back at 7. I used to spend most of my time with them... Because of my mom and because of them, I'm here."

I said it on air and I'll say it again here: Shweta Katti - you rock!