June 1st, 2012
07:16 AM ET

Pulling the Plug

AFP/Getty Images

Paul Miller will never see this.

OK, never is overstating it. Paul Miller will not see this until May 2013. That's because he has voluntarily cut himself off from the Internet. For a full year.

If you are like me, you'd just as soon cut off your left hand. Forget all the fun stuff... I truly could not do my job without it.

But, like me, Paul Miller is a professional writer. And he's a senior editor at The Verge, a tech-focused website.

So why the Internet detox? And how is he coping without the Web? Kristie Lu Stout finds out.

On Twitter, 'douche jar' is always full
June 1st, 2012
07:14 AM ET

On Twitter, 'douche jar' is always full

Hong Kong (CNN) - In CNN's Hong Kong newsroom, right next to my desk, there's a "douche jar."

Inspired by the TV series "New Girl," the "douche jar" was placed in our cubicle cluster to prevent general douchebaggery or acts of egregious self-promotion. It works like this - if you say or do something like a douchebag, you put a fistful of local currency into the jar.

In case you're not familiar with the term, the Urban Dictionary offers up this definition. The douchebag "has an inflated sense of self-worth, compounded by a lack of social grace and self-awareness. He behaves inappropriately in public, yet is completely ignorant to how pathetic he appears to others."

In the newsroom, the jar is usually low on cash. Most of its contributions are made in jest by a colleague out to channel a self-absorbed jerk.

But on Twitter, the "douche jar" is always full.

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