Sorrow & symbolism in North Korea
December 28th, 2011
02:16 PM ET

Sorrow & symbolism in North Korea

North Korean television aired footage of late leader Kim Jong Il's funeral procession for three hours on Wednesday. Every detail was highly choreographed. FULL POST

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China warns online rumors are like "narcotics"
December 7th, 2011
04:45 PM ET

China warns online rumors are like "narcotics"

Here’s a question for all the netizens in China: what do Internet rumors and cocaine have in common?

According to Chinese state media, they are, in fact, very similar. FULL POST

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Occupy London: Terror Threat?
December 6th, 2011
04:47 PM ET

Occupy London: Terror Threat?

What do Occupy London protesters have in common with terror groups like al-Qaeda and Colombian rebels FARC?

They are all named on a letter warning of potential terrorist threats sent to businesses by the City of London police.


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December 3rd, 2011
03:10 AM ET

Smartphone spyware triggers privacy scare

How would you feel if your smartphone was spying on you?

Millions of people around the world got a taste of that earlier this week.

The cause for this ongoing privacy scare: an analytics company called Carrier IQ.

A video posted by security researcher Trevor Eckhart reveals that Carrier IQ can log nearly all your phone activities including calls, messages, location and even keystrokes. FULL POST

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December 2nd, 2011
09:52 PM ET

An online marketplace for digital art

When Bill Gates built his gigantic mansion on Lake Washington, one of the most talked-about features was the video wall that displayed digital versions of artwork.

While many marveled at this innovative idea in the early 90s, few had the ability to recreate a digital art collection at home.

Fast forward to 2011, this is about to change with the launch of s[edition] – a new website for “digital limited edition art”.

But what exactly does that mean?

According to co-founders Harry Blain and Robert Norton, s[edition] enables artists to create purely digital artwork, such as the images below, with technology that limits how many copies of the piece can exist.


December 1st, 2011
02:59 PM ET

China on route to see its first Good Samaritan law

When it comes to Good Samaritans in China, “to be or not to be” is a constant struggle.

If you are among the many residents who worry about becoming a victim of fraud after helping people in need, we’ve got some good news for you.

China is preparing its very first Good Samaritan law to protect bystanders who choose to rescue a stranger in distress. According to Guangzhou Daily, officials in the southern city of Shenzhen are soliciting public opinions on a draft of a local Good Samaritan regulation designed to encourage altruism.

The draft follows the tragic death of Yue Yue, a two-year-old girl who was ignored by passers-by as she lay dying in a busy street in October. Graphic footage of the toddler’s death triggered widespread discussion of the “prevalent apathy” in Chinese societies. Many called for a new law to tackle the culture of avoidance and eliminate scams to accuse well-intentioned citizens.

Shenzhen became the first to react.  FULL POST