May 25th, 2011
02:27 AM ET

Zombies, space & social media success

Most of the time you don't want to hear "viral" and "CDC" in the same sentence. Unless we're talking in non-medical terms.

By now you've probably read the CDC's blog on surviving a zombie apocalypse. An agency spokesman told the NYT, “A typical post gets 1,000 hits. We got 10,000 (on Monday), then 30,000 on Tuesday, and then it crashed the server.”

The blog has given @CDCEmergency a big bounce on Twitter. The account is now approaching 1.3 million followers. It reportedly had just 12,000 as of Thursday.

Now that the CDC has captured our attention online, will it be able to keep it? Not unless something changes. The newly popular @CDCEmergency tweets less than once a day on average. It would to do well to look at another government agency for lessons. NASA has the most successful social media presence. Yes, there's a study to back up that claim.


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