April 25th, 2011
07:54 AM ET

A Tourist in Tokyo

I recently returned from a weeklong trip to Japan. It was my first real visit to the country. Having no other point of reference, Tokyo seemed pretty normal to me.

And by normal, I mean incredible. The maze of trains and subways was as packed and punctual as I had expected. Store after store –make that mall after mall– offered gadgets and fashions I had never seen before. And yes, sushi really does taste better in Japan.

The action wasn't all indoors. People were having picnics in the park under cherry blossoms. We saw at least four outdoor weddings. We spent hours people-watching... gawking at random breakdance battles and crowds in elaborate costumes.

But the trip almost didn't happen. Like many people, I struggled with deciding whether or not to cancel my vacation. The holiday had been booked months before the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami. FULL POST

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