April 18th, 2011
06:53 AM ET

Social Media Reaction to End Slavery

If you follow myself or any of the News Stream team on twitter, you'll have noticed a lot of this hashtag–#Endslavery
We've been encouraging you to use it in your tweets too – to spread awareness of slavery in the 21st century, and encourage others to act to stop the practice.
Eddie Byun from Seoul did just that.
His church in South Korea is praying, fasting and giving money during lent to #Endslavery.

Twitter user Reach97 has been moved by our stories of child labor. Reach 97 tweeted this "Children are supposed to be cherished and nurtured not used for any selfish or immoral reasons"

Joan Cho tweeted her reaction to Justin Dillon's Call + Response Campaign that we featured here on CNN.
She says "Leveraging your consumption is the best way you can start. I'm trying to consume fairtrade coffee to get involved in #Endslavery".

The hashtag has also been picked up by the OATH Coalition. It's an NGO dedicated to increase awareness of human trafficking, based in Oklahoma.
Their tweet says, "There are twice as many slaves today as there were during Abraham Lincoln's time - and that's not right!"