March 25th, 2011
11:55 AM ET

News Stream's Top 100 on Twitter: follow them... or else. #nscnn

On the day of our 100th episode, I've compiled a Twitter list of the 100 people who have informed and inspired our coverage from day one.

In no particular order (drum roll please)...

Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist, Professor, Futurist
Follow: @michiokaku
Tweet: Why We Can't "Fire the Photon Torpedos" - Find out my thoughts at http://t.co/nW8pZzg

Mohammed Jamjoom, CNN International Correspondent
Follow: @jamjoomcnn
Tweet: President Saleh losing support by the hour ... So many resignations in Yemen today – http://bit.ly/fUPVEZ #cnn #yemen #yf

James Reynolds, Storm chaser
Follow: @typhoonfury
Tweet: Footage I shot of Kirishima volcano's Shinmoedake crater in Japan going bonkers back at end of Jan – http://youtu.be/Pt6I1zmNsQk

Bill Bishop, Beijing-based media commentator and China watcher
Follow: @Niubi
Tweet: Author on weibo trying 2 smear baidu CEO robin li on weibo, saying he has us green card. Baidu-writers dispute could get nasty

MIC Gadget, China gadget and shanzhai culture blog
Tweet: Giant Shoes Car Spotted In China! (With Video) http://bit.ly/hMImf0

Chris Chang, MIC Gadget editor
Follow: @checkchris
Tweet: Have been packing the SJ figures for nearly 1week!! http://yfrog.com/h59gmeoenfj

Kara Swisher, Columnist, AllThingsD.com
Follow: @karaswisher
Tweet: Relax, Android Tablet Makers Can Still Get Google’s Honeycomb http://t.co/InetdcH

Katie Boehret, WSJ reporter
Follow: @kabster728
Tweet: This guy asking 1st Q of panel is wearing 2 wrist bands, 1/hand, w/diff smartphones attached to each http://twitpic.com/4cir7c

Walter Mossberg, WSJ columnist, AllThingsD.com
Follow: @waltmossberg
Tweet: Curiously low-key reaction to AT&T/T-Mo merger plan from Verizon Wireless CEO at #CTIA11 panel.

Bill Nye, Science Educator
Follow: @TheScienceGuy
Tweet: Off we go, learning more of our place in space! http://plixi.com/p/79716058

Soichi Noguchi, Japanese Astronaut
Follow: @Astro_Soichi
Tweet: Blue Arabian desert. http://twitpic.com/47u580

Matt Alt, Japan-based writer and translator
Follow: @Matt_Alt
Tweet: I love the names of old Japanese games. "Gun Professional" sounds like something to aspire to. http://t.co/SvblSCr

Google Sketchup
Follow: @sketchup
Tweet: Modelers in L'Aquila have been very, very busy. http://goo.gl/BpxOI

Pour Me Coffee
Follow: @PourMeCoffee
Tweet: Boots on the ground, boots on the ground. Don't listen to the fools who want boots on the ground. http://bit.ly/hXXatD

Hiroko Tabuchi, Tokyo-based business and tech writer for the New York Times
Follow: @HirokoTabuchi
Tweet: Another aftershock in Tokyo... NYT scribes barely look up from their computers.

Nieman Lab, Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University
Follow: @NiemanLab
Tweet: The 10 best places to see sexy data online. You read that right. http://nie.mn/e8ZAnW

Dan Gillmor, Media commentator, entrepreneur and educator
Follow: @DanGillmor
Tweet: Singapore tweeps - also, we're working on a blogger/tweeter meetup one evening late next week. details to come

CNN Observations
Follow: @CNNObservations
Tweet:Nic Robertson Fires Back At Fox http://bit.ly/ekloIi 

Tim O'Reilly, Founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media
Follow: @TimOReilly
Tweet: #occrp investigative dashboard is a tool for journalists to cooperate in uncovering cross-border organized crime http://www.datatracker.org/

Christine Lu, Geek, bridge-builder, CEO of Affinity China
Follow: @ChristineLu
Tweet: headed out in morning. meetings. lunch. meetings. happy hour. dinner. izakaya. drinks. back at hotel 1:40am. NYC and Shanghai very similar.

Frank Yu, Gamer, Geek, TEDxBeijing advisor
Follow: @FrankYu
Tweet:In other places, people talk about the weather for small talk, in China we ask each other what VPN they use and how often it gets blocked

Google Earth
Follow: @googleearth
Tweet: Marine debris is a global problem. Learn more by taking a tour in Google Earth and read what NOAA has to say: http://goo.gl/YD7WY

NPR Monkey See, NPR's pop culture blog
Follow: @NPRMonkeySee
Tweet: A few thoughts about Elizabeth Taylor, quintessential American celebrity (though yes, not born here). http://n.pr/hBAGTb

Michael Sommer, News Stream super fan and uber-geek
Follow: @Mipesom
Tweet: Ruuuuuuuuuuun!! – Lego zombie outbreak [Pic] – http://is.gd/3B2fq6

CNN Interviews
Follow: @CNNInterviews
Tweet:For a better sense of the scene on the ground in #Syria. @IshaSesayCNN interviews #Ribal Al-Assad. #LISTEN: http://on.cnn.com/g1eTaf

Dennis Crowley, CEO of Foursquare
Follow: @dens
Tweet: Dear team @foursquare, please make a badge for walking around #lost in an unfamiliar city while birds are chirping at 3am. #London

Mark Milian, CNN tech writer
Follow: @markmilian
Tweet:3-D smartphones ditch the glasses, but not so fast for tablets http://t.co/0JstEIQ

Liam, hawk-eyed CNN critic
Follow: @DayNightTrader
Tweet: @clancycnn @Klustout WSJ: CNN Sending 400 Staffers to Cover Royal Wedding – TVNewser http://t.co/BW48aeR via @tvnewser

Google Maps
Follow: @GoogleMaps
Tweet:New post-earthquake images of Japan, including before-and-after comparisons: http://bit.ly/fbqAT8 

Troy Barrett, CNN fan and astute observer
Follow: @TroyBarrett
Tweet: Fareed Zakaria GPS is replacing Piers Morgan on Monday evenings on the A-PAC CNNI feed. Just saw the promo. Fabulous news.

CNN Fan Centre
Follow: @CNNFanCentre
Tweet: Philippe Cousteau to host CNN's Going Green series @pcousteau http://bit.ly/dISLfG :

Victor Hernadez, CNN’s Director of Domestic newsgathering, Social Media & Tech enthusiast
Follow: @vhernandezcnn
Tweet: How changes in journalism & the economy have helped business journalism thrive: http://tinyurl.com/4ak5wjz /via @Poynter

Steve Nagata, Technology Consultant in Tokyo
Follow: @stevenagata
Tweet: Important things to think about if you want to volunteer to help up North. RT @mainichi_kibouhttp://bit.ly/ifxBaQ

CNN iReport Team
Follow: @cnnireport
Tweet: Any video questions for @rustyrockets and Helen Mirren from "Arthur"? Sure to be a fun one! Deadline tomorrowhttp://on.cnn.com/feKQqw

Nini Suet, Producer at CNN International
Follow: @ninisuet
Tweet: How Japan educates children about Fukushima. Creative indeed. Mad props for the upbeat spirit despite the disaster!http://bit.ly/fLnkI0

John Sanders, Digital Media Producer at CNN International, Web Designer/Developer
Follow: @johnCNN
Tweet: Follow CNN's journalists covering #Egypt from inside the country & around the world @cnni/Egypt. Live blog:http://on.cnn.com/eGTEbz

Etan Horowitz, Digital Media Producer at CNN International
Follow: @etanowitz
Tweet: We just showed a QR code on @CNNi TV! It links to a page with resources for donating to #Japanhttp://t.co/KooMvkk

Nic Robertson, CNN Senior International Correspondent
Follow: @nicrobertsoncnn
Tweet: Sources at Pentagon tell us Gadhafi loyalists search Tripoli morgues for bodies to present to journalists as civilian casualties

Arwa Damon, CNN International Correspondent
Follow: @arwacnn
Tweet: met woman w/daughters in mistrata. she saw tv pics of home that looked like theirs destroyed, tried to call from our sat phone, no luck.

Kyung Lah, CNN International Correspondent
Follow: @KyungLahCNN
Tweet: A sign that Japan remains Japanese: even in evac centers, victims are recycling. #jpquake #japanhttp://twitpic.com/4d0yx4

RAGreeneCNN, CNN Wire Editor
Follow @RAGreene
Tweet: Organized religion 'will be driven toward extinction' in 9 countries: I'll discuss with @klustout on #nscnn today http://bit.ly/hlzV5H

Steven Jiang, CNN Beijing Producer
Follow: @StevenCNN
Tweet: #Fukushima daiichi nuclear plant worker talks to CNN about his fears of returning home. #jpquake http://twitpic.com/4bbrkl

Ed Henry, CNN Senior White House Correspondent
Follow: @EdHenryCNN
Tweet: President Obama defended #Libya policy by saying, "We have already saved lives," at joint news conference w/President Funes

Noah Shachtman, Spencer Ackerman and WIRED’s national Security Folks
Follow: @DangerRoom
Tweet: Surveillance robots know when to hide http://bit.ly/hHjtTs

Council on Foreign Relations, resource for foreign policy news and analysis
Follow: @CFR_org
Tweet: New graphic: If world froze current #nuclear energy use, renewable output would have to double by 2035 to fill gap:http://on.cfr.org/gpeuQh

Instagram, iPhone photo sharing app
Follow: @Instagram
Tweet: The Worldwide InstaMeet is tomorrow at 7pm – find details about your city's meetup and RSVP at http://www.meetup.com/instagram/#instameet

NASA Kepler, Kepler Mission to discover Earth-size planets in the habitable zone
Follow: @NASAKepler
Tweet: Kepler science data fuels greater understanding at the core! Echoes detected from deep w/in a star. http://bit.ly/hQh0Yg#sciencemagazine

Nicholas Kristof, New York Times Columnist
Follow: @NickKristof
Tweet: We know that we can't feed all starving children. But consistency doesn't require us to feed none. If we can save Libyan lives, let's do it.

Wael Ghonim, Internet activist, Head of Marketing of Google Middle East and North Africa
Follow: @Ghonim
Tweet: 44 days since Mubarak stepped down YET state owned media is still being led by same chief propaganda officers who opposed our revolution 

Ai Weiwei, Chinese artist, activist
Follow: @aiww

David Gergen, Senior Political Analyst for CNN
Follow: @David_Gergen
Tweet: Prof. Ajami @andersoncooper & I discuss what else the international community might do to aid Libyan oppositionhttp://tiny.ly/1Kz9 #Libya

Michael Anti, Chinese blogger, journalist
Follow: @mranti
Tweet: 中国核电站地图 RT @claydube: Interactive map of China's nuclear power program at US-China Today: http://bit.ly/us-china208

Issac Mao, Chinese blogger
Follow: @isaacTweet: Treasure Hunters: Rediscovering George Inness’ Italian Sojourn: When Michael Quick searched high a... http://bit.ly/gd4AuZ#freethinking

Nicola Hughes, Data journalist
Follow: @DataMinerUK
Tweet: Why journalists need to realise they are no longer the gatekeeper of information http://wp.me/pYcqV-7Q #datajournalism

Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia
Follow: @jimmy_wales
Tweet: Dinosaurs and Nazis. What else do you need to know? http://ow.ly/4hFjt

Mark Frauenfelder, Editor-in-chief of MAKE, founder of Boing Boing
Follow: @Frauenfelder
Tweet: Mind blowing: plastic sheets dance slowly above a strawberry field. http://t.co/M41gsy5

Xeni Jardin, Co-editor of Boing Boing, digital media commentator, Wired magazine contributor
Follow: @xenijardin
Tweet: Ate lunch today next to 2 ppl who were student parrticipants in Tienanmen Square. 1, a woman, likened it to current revolutions in Mideast.

Doug Gross, Producer/CNN.com Tech writer
Follow: @doug_gross
Tweet: Curious if Color buzz will = popularity. Sharing photos with strangers – cool or creepy? http://on.cnn.com/hgFLbF

John D Sutter, CNN.com Tech writer
Follow: @jdsutter
Tweet: about to interview Ringo Deathstarr (@ Annie's West) http://4sq.com/dRzIvI

Ken Levine, Creative Director and Co-founder of Irrational Games.2K Boston
Follow: @IGLevine
Tweet: If you step back from it, social games are becoming a bit like pc games of the 80s/90s, where some real experimentation is happening.

Nicholas Thompson, Senior editor at The New Yorker, contrib ed at Bloomberg TV + CNNI, author of The Hawk and the Dove, co-founder The Atavist.
Follow: @nxthompson
Tweet: Toobin's 2007 piece on Google Books is still a great summary of the key issues in the current debate: http://nyr.kr/h9LpVc

Scott Forstall, Senior Vice President iOS, Apple
Follow: @forstall
Tweet: (No Tweets... yet. But when a senior executive at Apple tweets, you'll probably want to read them, right?)

CNNtech, news from CNN.com/tech
Follow: @cnntech
Tweet: Review: 'Crysis 2' is beautiful, action-packed and glitchy - http://on.cnn.com/erfdmW #cnn #videogames

Tina Sanchez, Host/Producer of 1UP Oddcast, Game Night and occasional writer for 1UP!
Follow: @Teanah
Tweet: I know Crysis 2 is what all the cool kids are playing, but I can't forget Dawn of War II. @warhawk7

Jesus Diaz, Senior Associate Editor, Gizmodo
Follow: @jesusdiaz
Tweet: Betrand Serlet, the father of Mac OS X, is leaving Apple. What does this mean? http://t.co/WrRL2pW tip @techmeme

Arnold Kim, MacRumors editor
Follow: @arnoldkim
Tweet: multi monitors become less practical with large format screens. but I still like the compartmentalization of having multiple workspaces

Joshua Topolsky, Editor-in-chief of Engadget.com
Follow: @joshuatopolsky
Tweet: It's clear that Angry Birds is the most iconic and culturally significant game since Pac-Man. Discuss. 

Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft
Follow: @BillGates
Tweet: It’s great to be back in India – Melinda and I are headed up to Bihar to see the progress they're making of particularly tough problems. 

Jason Chen, Editor at Gizmodo
Follow: @diskopo
Tweet: Based on its top usage scenario, the Instapaper app could have easily been called Instapooper.

Mark MacDonald, Executive Director at 8-4, Ltd. For talk about Japan
Follow: @markmacd
Tweet: Excellent GamesTM article on game consulting (3DS cover) by @rwinterhalter What? No, no bias...just happens to feat 8-4 http://t.co/kHblULt

Jeff Green, PopCap's Director of Editorial and Social Media
Follow: @Greenspeak
Tweet: Among the reasons I love PopCap: “@KimAms: Oh, hey, @Greenspeak. We've hired your replacement. http://t.co/iXRNO8r

Ryan Block, gdgt founder, Tech critic
Follow: @ryan
Tweet: Thanks for the GoDaddy SSL cert suggestions, folks, but those are only cheap for the most basic. Need wildcard? Jumps +$200/yr.

Brian Lam, Gizmodo
Follow: @blam
Tweet: iPhone controlled home security system is awesome

Stephen Fry, Actor and Blogger
Follow: @stephenfry
Tweet: RIP Dame Elizabeth Taylor, surely the last of a breed...

Opta Sports, master of football stats
Follow: @OptaJoe
Tweet: 33 – West Ham have used more different players in the Premier League than any other team this season. Turnover.

Bryan Lee O’Malley, author of the Scott Pilgrim series
Follow: @radiomaru
Tweet: ok, the new Sloan, THE DOUBLE CROSSES (coming in May) is a top-5 all-time Sloan album. Easily their best since the 90s.

Lee Unkrich, Director of Toy Story 3, Pixar handyman
Follow: @leeunkrich
Tweet: Emoticon Theater: The Shining http://t.co/3sc59nO

Jimmy Fallon, Actor, Comedian, TV host
Follow: @jimmyfallon
Tweet: Clive Davis motions to me. I lean over and kiss him on the cheek. He only wanted to whisper something in my ear. #thatwasawkward

Nick Ramsey, MSNBC Producer
Follow: @nick_ramsey
Tweet: ... fox news' john stossel: "no group in u.s. has been more helped by the govt than the american indians." really? http://ping.fm/Iif6E

Steve Berthiaume, Host at ESPN’s Baseball Tonight, baseball video game geek
Follow: @SBerthiaumeESPN
Tweet: Just ran into Dick Vitale in the hallway. He says he's worried about the Rays bullpen.

Matt Harding, Internet dancing sensation
Follow: @WhereTheHisMatt
Tweet: Just took taxi from Damascus-Beirut sandwiched between Palestinian refugee and Lebanese mobster named Sam. I smell like bottom of hookah.

Stephen Colbert, American political satirist, writer, comedian and television host
Follow: @StephenAtHome
Tweet: If we mix science with food, it's only a matter of time before people believe we evolved from a PB&J sandwich.

The Onion, American news satire organization
Follow: @TheOnion
Tweet: Study: Watching Fewer Than Four Hours Of TV A Day Impairs Ability To Ridicule Pop Culture http://onion.com/aWZ9aV #OnionTVReport

E! Online
Follow: @eonline
Tweet: Which Singer Is Dressing Under the Influence? http://eonli.ne/dM8V2A

United Nations
Follow: @UN
Tweet: #Libya: At Security Council, Ban Ki-moon raises human rights abuse concerns, says international action is critical: http://bit.ly/gyFwhw

John Gruber, tech pundit, Daring Fireball
Follow: @gruber
Tweet: RIMM is taking a beating in after-hours trading: http://t.co/9gBcngP

Jeremy Goldkorn, Founder of Danwei
Follow: @goldkorn
Tweet: Several ppl featured in this Danwei video from 2009 China Bloggers Conference have been disappeared in last few weeks http://is.gd/wuk9Bq

Jo Ling Kent, CNN Beijing Bureau Assoc Producer & Web journalist
Follow: @JoCNN
Tweet: China continues to call for immediate cease fire in Libya.

Tyson Wheatley, Senior Editor at CNN Digital
Follow: @Twheat
Tweet: Best response to UCLA student's "Asians in the library" rant I've seen so far http://bit.ly/eLxJj6

Tweet: NASA says farewell to its comet hunter spacecraft named Stardust. http://cot.ag/dLpkv9

Mahmoud Salem, Egyptian blogger, activist and writer
Follow: @sandmonkey
Tweet: We used to claim legitimacy in the name of the population by calling for 1 million people to show up, this is not the case anymore. #jan25

Kamarul Zamri Mohd Zam, Entrepreneur, Geek, Dad
Follow: @kzamri
Tweet: Islamization– why? http://bit.ly/f0rHkW via @Mondoweiss

Katherine Tiedemann, Research Fellow in the Counterterrorism Strategy Initiative
Follow: @afpakchannel
Tweet: Biggest story in my google news section on Pakistan is far and away the cricket win. Consider me intimidated.

Good, an association of pragmatic idealists
Follow: @good
Tweet: Animated infographic: which countries are happiest? http://su.pr/2ucNxA

The Dark Lord
Follow: @lord_voldemort7
Tweet: "Bad things always happen to good people." Further reason why being a good person is completely overrated.

Ben Wedeman, CNN Correspondent
Follow: @bencnn
Tweet: Teetering, about to fall: Ali Abdallah Saleh of #Yemen.

Phillip J Crowley, Former United States Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs
Follow: @pjcrowley
Tweet: The military objectives in #Libya are limited, which means the impact will be limited. The use of force alone will not make #Qaddafi quit.

Gary Whitta, screenwriter, geek
Follow: @garywhitta
Tweet: Explaining Vulcan Pon farr to @leah, she concludes "So it's like having extreme space blue balls?" I've heard worse explanations. #voyager

Andy Carvin, Senior strategist at NPR
Follow: @acarvin
Tweet: Unclear about context; graphic video appears to be dismembered bodies of people killed in Daraa. Was there a bombing? http://on.fb.me/gbYgY9

Philippe Cousteau, explorer, environmentalist, grandson of Jacques Cousteau
Follow: @pcousteau
Tweet: Another delay...aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh, we are still waiting on winds to die down before we can get to ice base...

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    Kristie girl,

    Congratulations for 100 years of News Stream.

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    Kristie girl forever.

    Bobusun Benjamin

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    hey,news staff i love this program on cnn ,I watch everyday.Iam fro CapeVerd,in Africa.

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