March 7th, 2011
02:07 PM ET

iPad 2: Time to tablet?

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Apple's iPad 2 hits stores in the U.S. this Friday. It will be available in several more countries two weeks later... though not here in Hong Kong. Which is good for me. I need time to think.

Ever since Steve Jobs made his surprise appearance at the iPad 2 announcement, I've been struggling with a big decision. Should I finally try it out?

I'm talking about tablets in general here. Like many people, I consider myself neither a gadget geek nor a techno-phobe. My approach is simply practical. As in, if it's not broke don't, er,  replace it. FULL POST

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March 7th, 2011
02:06 PM ET

What's next for Youku?

It's not just the YouTube of China. Nasdaq darling Youku.com also aspires to be a Netflix and Hulu as well. I recently talked to its CEO Victor Koo about about how the site manages up to 35 million visitors a day... and how to say the word "bubble" in Mandarin Chinese.

March 7th, 2011
10:30 AM ET

Google's Vince Cerf on the future of the web

After developing the Internet in the 1970s, Vint Cerf is preaching the word of Google as its V.P. and Chief Internet Evangelist. I recently talked with the tech pioneer about Google's role in Egypt's revolution, Larry Page's return as CEO and taking the Web to outer space. You heard right. According to Cerf, "Interplanetary Internet" is on the way!