November 16th, 2010
03:12 PM ET

Changing the subject

From "Merchant of Death" to Middleton's marriage...  Two hours to showtime and News Stream was suddenly heading in a different direction.
The subject of my very first blog, like our lead story, was supposed to be Viktor Bout.  I've never seen "Lord of War" but the quotes are fantastic.  For example, "Can I go now? You got nothing on me... except cuffs."  I was excited.
But after eight years of courtship (British people still say courtship, right?) Wills and Kate decided they should announce their wedding plans today.  And apparently they've been engaged since October.
After a bit of pouting, I remembered I should be upset with the royal handlers and not the happy couple.  So congratulations!
Many people are now recalling Prince Charles and Diana Spencer's wedding.  A quick Google search tells me some 750 million people around the world watched.
That fairytale-feeling of 1981 may be hard to recreate... but here's hoping they'll put on a good show. 
November 16th, 2010
07:28 AM ET

The Curious Case of Bob Mewse

News Stream is – as I'm sure you know by now – where news and technology meet. And certain stories really lend themselves to our show.

Viewers may be familiar with the phenomenon that is "Where's Wally?" or indeed "Where's Waldo?", depending on where you live. (If you believe The Telegraph, the former resides in Wandsworth, London.)

Well, imagine Wally/Waldo were to fill out a little, move to Bristol and find himself on Google Street View, and you'll get a sense of the task that faced the News Stream Dream Team today.

In researching a story we hoped to tell this evening, we had to use said net tool to track down our hero (actually named Bob Mewse), knowing only his city of residence and his supermarket chain of choice (where rumor has it he was a regular in the cake aisle).

And why were we interested in tracking Bob Mewse? Well, you'll just have to watch News Stream tonight at 9pm HK/1pm London, won't you?

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